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Technical Specification
for Nonpressurized Reinforcing Product RSBJ500/ RSBJ550/RSBJ1650

B3100 (97)2822

Raylinks Technical specification


1997-10-05 Issue

1. Scope
This Chapter details the technical requirements for heat shrinkable wraparound splice closure, for use in the main and distribution non pressurized cable networks.
2. Applied standards and abbreviations

3. Type and size

4. Design requirements

5. Performance requirements of completed joint closures
5.1 Materials


Test Condition and method


5.1.1 Bursting Strength

Test Temp:235

Min 2500N

5.1.2 Thermal Ageing
Bursting Strength

168Hrs at 1502
(After free shrinkage)

Min 2700N

5.1.4 Dielectric strength

Electrode Surface
Dia: 6mm
Wight: 502gms
Voltage steps:2KV/20sec

Min 12 KV/mm

5.1.5 Split Resistance

Temp: 2002
Test time 233

No split

5.1.6 Carbon Content
UV Res of Out/layer

Heating rate:20 /min
Gas flow rate:300cc/min

Min 2.5%

5.1.8 Cold Crack Resistance

Test temp -40

No crack

5.1.9 Resistance to aggressive media Bursting Strength

Test media: Fuel oil, petroleum jelly
Test temp: 702

Min 2000N

5.1.10 Environmental
Stress cracking

10% Igepal Co 630
solution immersion
Time 30 days
Test Temp: 503

No cracking

5.1.11 Temp. indicating
paint conversion

Scraped off paint from sleeve


5.2 Hot melt adhesive


Test method and conditions


5.2.1 Peel Strength

-PE at 232C
-PE at 232C
-Pb at 232C

Min 100N/25mm

5.2.2 Shear Strength

At 232C


5.2.4 Corrosive Effect 

Copper Mirror test
Test time:16hrs
Test temp:602C

No effect

5.3 Completed Closure
5.3.1 Test environment conditions
relatively humidity:45-75%
atmosphere pressure:80-106kPa


Test methods and conditions



According to YD/T590-1 requirements
The sleeve shall be homogenous and free of flaws, defects, pinholes, bubbles, cracks or inclusions visible with the unaided eye.

No defects which will affect the product performance

5.3.3 Tightness test

According to YD/T590-1 requirements
Immerse in water bath at
Temp: 233 Time:15 min
Internal Regulated
Pressure: 352Kpa

No leakage

5.3.4 Temperature cycling test

According to YD/T590-1 requirements
Highest Temp: 602
Lowest temp: -30 2
Dwell time: 4hours
Transition time: 2 hours
Cycle duration; 12 hours
Internal regulated
Pressure; 352Kpa
Number of cycles: 10

Tightness as per 5.3.3

High temperature tightness test

According to YD/T590-1-5.5 requirements
Temp: 602
Pressure; 352Kpa
Time: 168h

Tightness as per 5.3.3

5.3.6 Axial tension test

According to YD/T590-1-5.6 requirements
Time: 8 hours each cable
Load: D/451000N
(700N10N max)
Internal Regulated
Pressure: 352Kpa

Tightness as per 5.3.3

5.3.7 Bending test


According to YD/T590-1-5.7 requirements
Clamping distance: 10D from closure edge(min 250 mm)
Force: max 500N or 45 deg
Bend. Internal regulated
Pressure: 352Kpa
Bending cycle: 2
cable cycle: bend cable & hold for 5 minutes, bring to normal & bend in opposite direction, hold 5 minutes & bring to normal position

Tightness as per 5.3.3

5.3.8 Tension test

According to YD/T590-1-5.7 requirements
Torque: 50 Nm. Or 90 deg rotation
Clamping distance: 10D from closure edge
(D=outer dia Of cable)
2 complete torsion cycles per cable. Internal regulated Pressure: 352Kpa
cycle: Twist cable and hold for 5 minutes; bring cable back to starting position

Tightness as per 5.3.3

5.3.10 Static Load test

According to YD/T590-1-5.7 requirements
Load: 1000N/5sq cm
Load application: 90 from seam, Int, regulated pressure: 352Kpa
Time: 5 min remove load, turn sample through 180, reapply load for 5 min

Tightness as per 5.3.3

5.3.11Impact test

Steel ball test

According to YD/T590-1-5.7 requirements
steel ball
Weight: 1Kg Drop height 1m
Impact: 90Deg. From seam (sleeve middle)
Internal regulated
Pressure: 352Kpa
Temp: -15
Internal regulated
Pressure: 352Kpa
(Channel closing)

Tightness as per 5.3.3





5.3.12 Vibration test


According to YD/T590-1-5.7 requirements
Vibration: 10Hz
Amplitude: 3mm (6mm peak to peak)
Time: 6days
Clamping distance:10D from closure edge.
(D=the cable outer dia)
Internal regulated
Pressure: 352Kpa

Tightness as per 5.3.3

5.3.13 Resistance to stress cracking

According to YD/T590-1-5.7 requirements
Test temp: 502
Internal regulated pressure: 352Kpa
Test medium: 10% igepal
Solution test time: 7 days

Tightness as per 5.3.3

6. Inspection

7. Marking package transportation and storage